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Booking a court & reporting scores

posted Sep 7, 2011, 12:30 AM by David Floth   [ updated Sep 7, 2011, 1:21 AM ]
Accessing the calendars:
Find the "Scheduled Matches" gadget on the home page and click on the +Google Calendar icon.
Then follow the instructions. If it asks, be sure to "Add All" the calendars. You should now be able to see and add events to all the court calendars. If you are unable to add a match to one of the court calendars and you have followed the instructions, send an email to Please include the calendar(s) you are trying to edit and your google id in the email.

Booking a court:
When booking a court please enter both teams in the event title (i.e. Gillen/Rizarri vs Harmon/Blessen), preferably with the team making the reservation listed first. Make sure you book the court for 2 hours and be sure to select the appropriate court in the Calendar field.

Reporting Scores:
Please have only one person enter the scores for your match. Visit the Scores link to see if someone has already entered the result for your match before you do.

Thanks and Good Luck!