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Playoff Bracket Set

posted Nov 4, 2011, 8:45 AM by Ben Combs

Well almost...there is one spot left.  Click on the "Playoff" link to see who you are playing and check the calendars to find out when.  We already scheduled the playoff matches, so if you cannot play at the designated time please contact your opponents immediately to arrange another time and let us know.

The final playoff spot has become complicated by teams with incomplete matches, subs, or losing records.  After all the matches have been reported we will take a look at the overall standings and determine the last playoff team.  Using the overall standings may result in a division being underrepresented but we have some divisions that managed the matches better than others, I may have to use the commissioner wild card on this last one but will wait and see what happens tonight with the Phillips/Riggs v Garcia/Gilani match. 

Thanks again to all those who completed their matches in a timely fashion, it sure makes it easy when all the data is there.  Also, thanks to the statistician and assistant commish Dave Floth for his detailed work on these formula spreadsheets that he programmed together to give us the standings, incredible work, thank you buddy!