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Playoff Picture tightens

posted Feb 20, 2011, 12:25 PM by Ben Combs
With the win over BG today Dan Becker has secured a spot in the playoffs.  There are a number of scenario's for the other spot but even with a loss against Massey in the still to be scheduled match which was postponed as they were in the 3rd set, he is in.  If Massey loses then we will need to count games to match his record against Ishimoto for the #2 spot.  With a win over Becker Massey is the #1 seed having the head to head over Becker.  So, when it finally gets played we will know the seedings and for now we are rescheduling the playoffs for March 18 - 20.  If you are in the running, please check your calendar and verify that you can play for the MONEY that weekend.