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Playoffs Official Announcement

posted Oct 31, 2012, 5:45 PM by Ben Combs

Congratulations to those who finished their matches and made the playoffs.  We only allowed one team in that did not finish their matches based on documentation of the missing match actually being on the schedule with the intent to play.  Not perfect but some of this is decided over beers and always seems reasonable at the time.  Anyway, I think we have the right teams in, they are all competitive and we expect a fantastic final this year. 

 Check the website for the Playoff Bracket and those that are in the Playoffs please line up your opponents ASAP.  We have to play 4 matches on Saturday and 4 matches on Sunday to stay on schedule.  Please let the Commish know if you cannot book a time with your opponents and we come up with a solution.  The court calendar will fill fast so be sure and contact your opponents NOW.