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New Rules / To Do's (for next season):
  1. Require Google accounts to access/update calendars.
  2. Winning team must email scores to: using the following subject line format: Score: Combs/Norton def Bruce/Dolly 7-5,6-7(2),7-6(5).
  3. Wildcards - auto card to #7 best team in league, lottery card for #8 spot. One entry into lottery for each goal reached must be paid up and matches all completed to be eligible (i.e. pay by opening day = 3 entries, pay by mid-point 2 entries, pay by end 1 entry, play half you matches by mid season = 2 entries, etc.)  Need to make sure it's easy to regulate.
  4. Establish tie breakers
  5. Establish rules for getting defaulted
  6. Match tracking - for example must have x number of matches played by 1/3, 2/3 season marks. Have a 2 week window on a match that is scheduled, require matches not completed in the 2 week window be made up in a make up week we will schedule after week 4.  Issue a loss to the team that is not available that week.
  7. Free beer for the commish and assistant commish
  8. If you don't finish 75% your matches you are DQ'd from playoffs and all your matches are reversed.
  9. Require photo, bio, phone, and email, USTA rating too to be posted on the website under Roster
  10. Matches not finished don't count.  Neither team involved gets a win/loss.
  11. Total matches played counts towards records (a 3-3 team is better than a 3-2 team which is better than a 3-1 etc).
  12. Sub list
  13. Playoffs must be played with original partner